Mini M8S II - The remote control does not work after waking from suspend mode


I have a question. I would like to use CoreElec but one thing does not work. I have a box Mini M8S II 2GB / 16GB and after the CoreElec installation (including the latest version) the original remote does not work for me.

I found files on the internet: rc_maps.cfg and m8s and threw them into the appropriate locations. After the reset, the remote control works well but when I choose the suspend option, then after waking up the remote control does not work anymore. When I choose the reset option (I have an additional MX3 remote control), the original remote control works again, and after re-selecting the sleep mode and waking up again does not work.

Can anyone help me?

Put the files on this dirs


m8s (525 Bytes)
rc_maps.cfg (23 Bytes)

Unfortunately, nothing helped (the same files I had just uploaded previously). After the device has been woken up, the remote control does not work :frowning:

Try setting the box to power off instead of suspend.

But I would like the android box to go to sleep, because then I quickly wake up and do not have to wait.

LOL, I guess it’s up to you to choose then. Box that you can turn on from the remote or a box you want to be able to turn on from sleep, which you don’t have anyhow, because you can’t wake it from sleep so it has to boot up from cold. :roll_eyes:

TV’s take longer to boot up than these boxes do :joy: