Mini MX 1g 8 gb

Working fine with libreelec copy the tar file in the update folder reboot and stuck with the red light. Anyone know how to fix it… I created the sd card again coreelec and still problem, press the reset button and nothing…

i have 2 of those old boxes, use amlogic burn tool to flash stock android on them again and follow the instructions to make a coreelec micro sd card, insert that card and power the box on while holding down the recovery button.

im sure there are other ways to fix it also, but for me that is easiest.

Where can I get the burn tool stock android firmware … is any manual to follow…

Google “amlogic burning tool” first result has a how-to and download link.

To flash do i need use usb to usb cable? is another way to do it?

You have to use USB A to A cable, the only other other option is “amlogic bootcardmaker”.

I found the bootcardmaker… how that work create a regular coreelec sd card and apply the bootcardmaker with the uboot there>? that is how works?

bootcardmaker is for restoring original manufacturer firmware.

bootcardmaker is for upload the uboot bin in the sd card ? my question is how can i find the orginal firmware to create the sd card ?

Well that’s simple - search the internet. (I’m sure you already knew that really) :wink:

Close the topic, Duke resolve my questions, run the usb tool as admin, and put the power on the device… also i have to change the usb port since i was using a laptop
Thanks everyone for your help

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