Minix NEO A2 Lite Remote Problems

So I’ve had the Minix A2 remote for a while and it’s exactly what I wanted in a remote (which is why this issue is so frustrating).
It is incredibly hard to register button presses about 75% of the time unless I have it at the perfect angle, pointed directly at it, almost like it is working entirely off line of sight even though the dongle is plugged in. The N2 is not in an entertainment center or anything and is placed on top of a table in the open so there is nothing blocking it. I emailed Minix to make sure that the remote doesn’t use LOS for anything other than the Power button, which they confirmed, but they obviously will not troubleshoot unless you are using it with a Minix Box, which is understandable. The only thing I’ve come up with is that there must be some sort of RF interference from another component but figured I’d check here before I start ripping things out and apart.
Sorry if I’ve left any info out but I’ll provide anything I have if necessary and thank you in advance for any help or thoughts.

I heard wifi can cause interference.

you could try a usb extender cable, might help

I was actually thinking of doing that so thank you for confirming that train of thought for me. I’ll try that or a hub to try and move the dongle a little and see if that helps at all.