MiniX Neo U22-XJ no LAN

Dear developers, users

i am using a MiniX Neo U22-XJ box and recently the LAN connection in the box is not working.
This means that the BOX does not receive Internet via LAN cable and the IP address is: (or similar). LAN setup is DHCP auto. I’ve tried it with several Routers (with factory reset also), but unfortunately this is the problem with all of them. I tried a completely fresh install, installing older versions, until the version 9.2.8 all of them, but this is a bug in all versions. I tried other SD cards as well.
There is internet via WiFi. I would like to continue using the box with a LAN connection because it fits perfectly into my home network.
I recently upgraded the box via Android to the version 20211105-V008_20211105-1705. This update was offered by the box in FOTA Update application. No more updates here.
There is an another application, UPDATE, but no update here either.
In Android mode, both LAN and WiFi connections work, and both have internet.

If you know any solution to the problem, please write it to me.

Sorry for my English

CoreELEC 19.4-Matrix_rc3
Android 9 (September 1, 2020)
MiniX Neo U22-XJ (4.9.113) (20211105-V008) (S922X)

please try with this dtb:
[use nightly 20220223]

It works, thank you very very much :heart_eyes:

May I know, what was the problem?

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