Minix U22-XJ Max - Game Controller PS3


whats the best Game Controller for Minix U22-XJ Max with coreelec?
Can i connect the Diswoe Wireless Bluetooth Controller for PS3?

Thanks for your help.

This should get you going.

The first problem that i have is the connect over bluetooth. I would like connect my new Diswoe Wireless Bluetooth Controller for PS3 but it is not working.

Gives a list with compatible Game controllers?

For the majority of PS3 controllers and clones (note there maybe some clones of the PS3 controller that have some quirks and not work well) / any controller meant to work with the PS3, you need to use a USB cable to do the initial pairing of the controller(Sony didn’t follow the spec with the PS3). But after you have the controller paired it should connect Wireless over Bluetooth.

The procedure to pair with a PS3 controller using USB cable is to plug controller into device using the appropriate USB cable, wait a few seconds, press the PS button, wait a few seconds, unplug the controller. It will either auto connect at this point or will connect next time you press the PS button on the controller.

Edit: some newer controllers may also have a switch on them to switch between normal bluetooth mode, and a compatible with console mode, or a mode to work with a proprietary wireless adapter instead of bluetooth mode. I’m not familiar with the controller you mentioned but this is worth checking.

It dose not work with the Diswoe controller. Has anyone a controller which is working?

To Day i have buy tow original PS4 Controller. With ths controllers it is working out of the box via bluetooth. The connect was very easy - without cable.

Tekken 3 gaming maks so fun.

The only thing that doesn’t work with IAGL are Playstation 2 games. Anyone have experience here?

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