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how can activate the minix remote control? I use the internal IR connector with my logitech harmony elite. Thanks for your help.

Minix U22-xj MAX i could not find

Minix remote comes with an USB adapter. Only the power on is IR, I think.

Remotes are frequently mixed matched, meaning a box can be sold with one of several OEM remotes. Use the pictures as reference.

Worst case scenario, write your own config. The remotes wiki has an easy to follow walk through.

What is the difference between AmRemote and Meson_IR? Minix Neo T5 has the sam IR remote control.

Simply explained: one is the Amlogic native NEC protocol while the other is part of the Linux kernel.

Both methods have their pro’s and con’s.

Quick installation guide

The Minix Neo T5 “remote.conf” works fine. Copy in the “/storage/.Configfiles/” folder and restart the device. Thats all.

Link: remotes/AmRemote/Minix Neo T5 at main · CoreELEC/remotes · GitHub

Thanks for your help.

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