Minix U22X-J MAX Video output 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 and DV support help

Hi All
Just got a Minix U22X-J MAX and installed CoreELEC Nightly as wanted DV support.

Now I noticed Kodi seems a little washed out apart from playing movies which is fine and i noticed that the box is outputting 4:4:4 and i know movies are normally in 4:2:2 so wondered if that why kodi is washed out as it been displayed in 4:4:4 but has been designed at a lower 4:2:2 so washing out the blacks. the videos seem to play ok though.

so the question is should i leave the box in 4:4:4 or change it to 4:2:2 becasue i noticed that my pc plays movies and displays kodi correctly as it does not wash out the blacks ?

what is the correct chroma subsampling when playing movies and TV shows only in SDR, 1080p, 4k and 4K HDR/DV

the only way to change it is to boot into android and change it there and then boot kodi i suspect.

Also, about Dolby vision i have a 1080p tv and going to upgrade it soon to 4k and when i installed coreELEC i placed the Dovi.ko in the root folder where the img installer is and installed kodi coreELEC but there is no option for Dolby vision is that becasue i have the tv res set to 1080p but when i get a new tv and set it to 2160p it will appear?

thanks all

Unless your new TV supports DV, that option will not appear.
Though, there are devices like from ezcoo to force LLDV for non DV devices like projectors.

I can’t see why any external devices would be needed. Someone should be a be to make a change in CoreELEC to ignore the edid and use whatever mode someone wants. It’s what already happens with the audio passthrough options.