Minix U9 S912 CE 8.90.2 playback stops and CE freezes


playback stops after few minutes and CE gets in hang state.Using local files from USB and standard x264 MKVS.
neither RC nor power button working, have to remove power connection.

any idea?
On Android no issue

i can only provide kodi logs due ssh also doesnt work and have only old dmesg
kodi log


tested with LibreELEC KODI-18 Leia for platform Amlogic S9xxx and all works fine.
CE 8.90.1 also freezes.

i want CE working please

created issue ticket on github

I have a Minix U9-H and have been unable to reproduce this, remote control works out of the box.

Have you replaced the DTB and done a clean install?

i did a clean install again and freezes again, approx after 15 minutes
saved journalctrl and kodi log

Which DTB are you using?

this is how the volume looks after flashing and with DTB

There is your problem, delete dtb.img and rename the minix dtb to dtb.img

oh okay, didnt know that. for RK3328 images i never need to do this.
now it works.
thx for the hint!

Our releases are setup differently to Rockchip, all the info is in the how to.