Minix U9 Upgrade from U1


I am thinking about upgrading to the Minix U9 from the U1. Can I just save the 912 build to the update file on the 905 SD card that I am currently using, reboot and the updated tree and build will automatically install? Or do I have to do a fresh install on the card? Thanks.

I don’t think that will work (but someone correct me if I’m wrong)
But you can manually replace the files on the root of the SD card.

With that sad, I would advise against getting a S912, as it has no real future.
Is there a reason you want to upgrade?

No real reason I want to upgrade unless my current one bites the dust. Just curious about it. You don’t believe there will be a noticeable improvement in functionality when compared to the 905?

Yes, I’d be interested to hear why you think the S912 has no real future ?

Because we will move to Linux mainline one of these days, and the S912 will not be supported on it.

Fair enough, So which chips do support Linux mainline ?..or are we talking the next gen of chips amlogic chips ?

S905X and newer are your best bet, although I can’t really recommend S905W due to the fact that it is inferior. I think S905 will work too, though.

S912 boxes will not be supported with mainline, at least initially anyway.