Minor video glitch using X96 Mini 2G (S905W), latest version + kernel

For as long as I’ve used CoreELEC on my X96 Mini I’ve encountered this issue usually occurs once or twice during the runtime of a film (so between 90 - 150 mins of persistant use).
The bottom third of screen will momentarily scramble, distorting diagonally rightwards, and the colours distort (often a sort of magenta hue and checkered).
It then very quickly transitions away (over the course of 4 or 5 frames)
It lasts no longer than a second and a half.

I’ve recently installed the latest version with the Amlogic-ng 4.9 kernel. I’m very happy with this latest version, performance has noticeably increased (particularly on menus). I hoped it would maybe fix this infrequent glitch described above, but unfortunately it hasn’t.

Does anyone recognise this glitch by my description? if so, what causes it exactly, and is there any way to fix it?

I exclusively watch high bitrate Blu-ray remuxes on my device, if that’s of any relevance.

No logs, no problem
Sorry :neutral_face:

No, but check the CPU temperature when this happens. S905W boxes can easily overheat.
Also, without (debug) logs, as @Tim_Taylor suggested, nobody can solve your problem…

OK, I’ll turn on debug logging and when I next encounter the problem I’ll post them, but when I tried this in the past I couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary in the logs.

I was mostly curious to see if anyone else recognized the issue by my description.
But if it’s just me it most likely indicates a hardware issue. I’ve tried numerous installations of CoreELEC on this device and this glitch has been the one constant.

The S905W chip and high birate remuxes is a bad idea - it´s like to drive F1 with a FIAT 500
Time to buy a new box using S903X or S922X for Your use case

I was considering an upgrade. Could you recommend me a device?
Preferably one which I can power from the 5v USB port on my TV.

I must say though my X96 Mini has no trouble keeping up with decoding a high bitrate 1080p h264 video in realtime or even 1080p HEVC, and the image and sound is perfectly rendered 99.999% of the time.
Perhaps you are assuming I’m watching 4K blu-rays? I don’t bother with those as I only have a 1080p screen.

Also, I assumed its less work to decode a minimally compressed high bitrate blu-ray 1080p video, over a highly compressed low bitrate 1080p video, no?

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