Minx U1 help

Hi Folks. New to CE and the Forums. Haven’t yet tried a build, but looking to install on my Minix Neo U1.

Presently the U1 is running Libreelec with Kodi 16.1. Has worked perfectly for years, installed on eMMC. However I’ve just purchased a 4K TV & Receiver, and expect I need to upgrade to a new version for HDR support.

Firstly, I want to check that CE 8.95 will play HDR & regular 1080p content. Will it do that and handle switching between formats?

Next, is 8.95 stable enough, or am I better to go with a Kodi 17.6 version?

I’m running the wifi remote, so assume that won’t be a problem (looks like Minix IR remotes not OOB support anymore)?

Finally, can I export the video sources & database so I don’t have to rescan the entire library?

Thanks for the help & tips!

The answer to all of those is yes.

You can enable support for the Minix IR codes quite easily by executing the following command via SSH.

echo "meson-ir * minix_neo" > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg

Thanks adamg.
I’ll download later and have a play :slight_smile:

With the Air2 2.4GHz remote I shouldn’t need to get the IR one working anyway.

Yes, I wouldn’t bother configuring the IR as it is only used for the Standby button and suspend does not work correctly anyway.

Although CoreELEC 8.95.6 supports HDR auto switching, your Minix Neo U1 isn’t capable of outputting HDR signals (S905).

You need a box with one of the following SoCs:

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Ah yes, I forgot about that one @relkai. I forget some people are still using the older S905 devices :see_no_evil:.

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Haha, no problem. Because I’m still one of those S905 users myself, it’s the first thing that comes to my mind. :wink:

Ah, relkai, thanks for that information.

I’ve updated the U1 to CE 8.95.6, but was still running into issues playing HDR content. Regular 4K content was fine.

That’s going to lead me to begin another search for an HDR capable box :frowning:
Any recommended units that jump out of the myriad of 905 boxes out there, preferably under £50? Or maybe that question is better for its own thread!

I heared good things about the Mecool M8S Pro+ (S905X).
But I didn’t look into new boxes since a few months. Maybe there are better ones available.

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The challenge with that one is only 2.4GHz wifi, and 10/100 LAN.
For 4K I’m going to be looking for Gigabit (1000) LAN as well as 5GHz wifi (although wifi won’t be used much).

Perhaps that is too much to ask for under £50!

All S905X devices have 100Mbit/s network, because that is part of the SoC specification. I’m not sure about wifi, though.
But you can connect a 1GBit/s USB network adapter for a few bucks. You won’t have full GBit speed (I think it’s about 300MBit/s), because of the USB 2.0 restriction, but that’s more than enough for 4K/HDR.
But I think, the 100MBit/s interface covers 99,9% of all use cases, because even 1:1 bluray rips use a lower bandwidth.

Native 1GBit/s interfaces are only found in S905D (very expensive) and S912 (not properly supported in current kernel versions and future mainline kernel) devices.
Therefore - if the price is important for you - an S905X box (maybe with an external network adapter) is the right choice for you.
If you are ready to spend more than £100, you should go for an S905D one.

Don’t buy one of those new S905X2 boxes.
Although the specs are looking really nice, these devices aren’t supported by any JeOS including CoreELEC, currently.

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