Misdetection of display resolution

I recently purchased a UHD projector and I noticed Kodi doesn’t show UHD resolutions in the whitelist.
my HT setup is as follow:
Minix U1 > AVR (HDMI1.4 - max 2160p24, 2 outputs) > FHD TV & UHD projector.

I only get FHD resolutions in the whitelist, even if I disconnect the TV and plug the projector into the main HDMI output. The only way I found to get UHD resolutions in the whitelist is to plug the projector directly into the U1 and rebooting. Luckily, the whitelist is not updated when unplugging the HDMI and plugging the AVR back in. Is there a way to force all the resolutions in the whitelist?

Just to be clear I’m not asking to be able to force UHD on the TV. I just want to allow for UHD resolution when displaying to the projector.