Missing Artwork Mystery

Hi guys,

I am using Coreelec for quite some time now, but I cannot solve this issue with a new device of mine (Odroid N2+). I am using two S912 based boxes as well and used the Coreelec backup from one of this boxes to import all the settings (which worked fine) into the basic Odroid-Corelec-install.

The only thing that does not fully work is the artwork. Only some of the covers are showing (the movie info - like content and so on - is there). By the way: I am using a MySQL setup for the database.

I already deleted the local Thumbnail directory and the Textures13.db but without any luck, most of the covers are still missing.

Any idea how to fix this?

you could try exporting the video database from the S912, then import back to the N2+


Which database do you mean? All boxes access the same MySQL (or to be more precise MariaDB) database, which is stored on my QNAP NAS

settings media library export library

I think, this would mess up my database more than it helps.

I now copied the local Thumbnail directory and the Textures13.db from one of the working boxes to the Odroid box and it seems to work for now.

I’ll see how it behaves in the future and if it works out.

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