Missing context menu items with PKC

I’m using the latest nightly of CE on a Ugoos AM6b+ with the latest PKC addon (3.10.1). Using the OOTB settings. Somehow a lot of menu items in the context menu mostly related to the Plex addon are missing.

I’ve then installed a fresh Kodi instance on my mac with the same addon and the menu items seem to be displayed here and work well.

I’m not sure if this has something to do with the addon or if this is a nightly issue or even a Coreelec specific issue? maybe someone else has the same setup? do i need to get in contact with the addon dev?

I’m using CE21.0 on AM6B Plus with PKC 3.10.1 and I’m getting the full context menus as per your bottom pic.

Suggest you ask in the PKC thread in the Plex Forum.