Missing N64 Emulators

hmmm. I haven’t tried building the N64 emulator but it seems like they’re missing for the S905(x) arch. Any idea if we can add them team?

Try @shanti’s Sx05RE addon, which is independent from Kodi’s libretro implementation and uses Emulationstation or Retroarch as its GUI.
It’s looking great and N64 emulation works flawless with most roms I’ve tested so far.

Just to add to what @relkai says here…

Mupen64plus isn’t included because of its requirement for OpenGL. RetroPlayer doesn’t (yet) support OpenGL and it’s unclear in which future Kodi version that may happen.

I, too, can vouch for @shanti’s add-on. I’m running it on an S912 and I can play Zelda OOT at 720p. A number of other N64 ROMs struggle a bit but I think the bottleneck there is libhybris; you shouldn’t have that issue with the S905.

Libretro mupen64 runs fairly well on the S905 but is still not perfect, the hardware is not all capable of emulating the n64, remember that even on PC n64 emulation is still not perfect by any means, it wasn’t until we had faster consumer CPUs that we could enjoy better emulation.

I do understand the difficulty of emulation, esp. the N64. I also think that using libhybris was a really clever workaround for the difficulties the S912 presented. Overall, I’m just thoroughly enjoying being able to play Zelda: OOT.

I am, however, interested in finding the bottlenecks and trying to help improve things where I can.

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