Missing signal readings in TVH (CE Amlogic-ng) + WinTV-dualHD DVB-T2 tuner

I am facing a strange problem with TVHeadend (service) running on by Beelink GT-King (rev. A) in CoreElec (Amlogic-ng 9.2.5), which is identified in the log as:
HTS Tvheadend version c66e3bc ~ CoreELEC Tvh-addon v9.2.104

The tuner is: tveeprom: Hauppauge model 204109, rev B3I6, serial# 14037102 (firmware: B 4.0.25) + “drivers from the latest kernel” pack. I am only receiving DVB-T2 broadcasts.

This combination seems to work ok except the TVHeadend web interface “Status” does not show the signal strength and the SNR.

Now when I run dvbv5-zap and tune into a valid MUX I got full stats including the signal parameters. So the info is clearly available on kernel/user API level, but for some reason does not show in TVHeadend.

This may look as a bug in TVHeadend, but when I run the same tuner on RPi4 (with the latest TVH built from the master branch) or on RPi3B+ (with the old TVH 4.2 from the Raspbian repo), in both I am getting the signal data as well.

So it seems it is not a problem in TVH alone, but in TVH interaction with CE.

For what is worthy, I was also using the same tuner on CE Amlogic (no ng) version on Minix Neo U9-H, where it seemed to work when I replaced the Si2168 firmware with an older version (4.0.11). The same trick however does not seem to help on Amlogic-ng variant.

What I also noticed that few times the signal readings showed up for a split second in the Status window, usually when EPG grabber was running on particular MUX, but never when tuning into a channel.

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