Missing the "Reboot from eMMC/NAND" option in the "Confluence" skin

My device is Beelink GT-King Pro

In the CoreELEC (KODI) I always use the “Confluence” skin because of its easy to use and display more details of the movies

But the problem is that in the “Estuary” skin, it is possible to switch to the main OS, but in the “Confluense” skin this option does not exist!

How can I find this option in the “Confluence” skin? (Or add?)

Look here:- Command to reboot to eMMC NAND to use on other skins?

That option is only available in CoreELEC’s Estuary skin because it’s only added there: xbmc/DialogButtonMenu.xml at fe0e3553d0adfe0acc73b29bd0ba403fafbab14d · CoreELEC/xbmc · GitHub

For other skin, you either manually edit the corresponding DialogButtonMenu.xml, or run rebootfromnand via SSH then reboot

Sorry I don’t have much information about CoreELEC
Should I do coding? If yes, how?
What is SSH?
Please explain more?

If you like Confluence then I would consider Xonfluence that takes it to another level and has an option to turn on the reboot to Android option.



This skin has a lot of customization (very useful for me), but I didn’t find the reboot to Android option.

Aeon nox silvo is a very good skin and highly customizable from the official kodi repo, you will need to edit the xml file to add what you are looking for:-

addons/ aeon nox silvo skin/ 16.9/ DialogButtonMenu.xml and change Line 123:- System.PathExist("/dev/env") to:- System.CanReboot to add the Reboot to Android option to the Power menu

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Its under General settings, Global skin options, the last option ‘Hide reboot to Android option in shutdown menu’.



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But I went to the end of this section but there is no “Hide reboot to Android option in shutdown menu” option.


But I have tried it before and I still prefer “Confluence”.
that’s why:

That is weird indeed.

The dev added it by request last year.

ssh into your box and replace SkinSettings.xml with the attached one here, which has the Android dialogue written into it.

Location of the file is /storage/.kodi/addons/skin.xonfluence/xml

Then reboot.

You can backup the existing one or rename it just in case it changes other settings.

SkinSettings.xml (800.9 KB)

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Same here. This option is missing but in my case CE is in nand if that makes any difference for skin option anyway.

I will add that i can’t find coreelec menu under system tab.

The file manager does not have access to the path “/storage/.kodi/addons/skin.xonfluence/xml”.
How should I go to this route?

You got to sftp into coreelec from a pc, use filezilla. Type in CE’s ip addy in the address bar, username is root and password is coreelec

I usually ssh into the box but the internal CE file manager does have access.

Look for root in the list of storage areas available and under that will be storage and so on.

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