Missing timeshift controls on LiveTV OSD

Using 8.95.1 with MythPVR for livetv I notice the ability to FF REW SKIP PAUSE etc is missing. Controls are available and functional for all recording and other streams.

Seems there may be an issue with Kodi commit #14318 per Milhouse. Reverting that commit seems to fix the issue according to users.

Commit here -> https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14318
Discussion here -> https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=298461&pid=2761005#pid2761005

This is a known issue with pvr.mythtv addon. It has been fixed in verison 5.8.5 of the addon. It should get picked up the next time the binary addons are rebuilt.


Thanks, good to know. So it looks like all the PVR addons will need to update to the new schema.

With DVBViewer Addon Timeshift Function “On pause” doesn’t work too.
I think its because there is no pause button, only the stop button, which is there when timeshift is disabled.

The buttons missing are the symptom. The addon author needs to modify the code and then Coreelec needs to rebuild the binary addons. Should be fixed then.

Fix for tvheadend if On-demand (no first rewind) is enabled.

I’m using pvr.mythtv and I’m curious when the 5.8.5 version with the fix will be picked up / available for CE 8.95.1.

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It is a bit odd that LE and CE have not refreshed the binary addons since before the release of Kodi Beta1.

For those interested, I compiled the latest pvr.mythtv for S905.

pvr.mythtv- (866.0 KB)

Thanks for that! All is well in the world again.

Same here. I really appreciate it! Not being able to pause live TV was driving me mad…