Moonlight add-on support

I would love to see Moonlight add-on actually working. I haven’t tested it on the latest beta (4) but I remember it not working on LibreELEC’s 17.

I am mainly talking about adding support for the add-on on Odroid C2.

Moonlight currently does not work on any of the S905/S912 based devices.

I’ve been wanting to look at getting it working for a while now.

However I currently have hardware, software, and time limitations that are keeping me from doing so.
Mainly no spare drive to install windows on, and the nvidia game stream software is windows only.

Where would I begin? I’ve got Windows and*nix partitions on my machine.
I’d love to be able to stream games from my stream library but haven’t the faintest clue where to begin.

Posted this a while ago, 2 years later now and with the C4 out, is it possible?

Maybe this could help?