Mount emmc

I have brick x88pro x3 s905x3 that boots from sd coreelec.
I want to recover 128gb emmc.
Inside there is no android, start directly in coreelec from sd. I want to use emmc for data, but I am not able to mount emmc.
What commands to use.
Boot from sd and use emmc for data.

Thank you

Re-Install Factory Android.

You haven’t disclosed what caused the bricking so i won’t ask.

Use How to use the Team CoreELEC ceemmc tool
after Android install

Thanks for answering.
Crashed trying to put coreelec on internal emmc.
It is impossible for me to put Android back (I don’t care, I just use coreelec).
I have tried everything from, but I can’t start anything other than coreelec.
So I was wondering if I could use 128gb emmc for data, I’m trying but it won’t let me mount emmc (I’m not an expert)

If the data resides in the 127 GB internal eMMC storage and is important, then your first step is to back up the data before the re-installation process which may wipe out all of the data.

In emmc there is no data and if there were, I would not care to lose them.

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