Mouse Toggle button mapping suggestions

Hello all!

First of all, great work to those involved in this project. I’m having a great experience using it, and the support on these forums has been excellent.

I have the remote on my Sammix R95 configured and working great. I’m using a remote.conf file and my remote is customized to output the following keyboard keys.

- Power button → S key
- Menu button → C key
- Home button → Home key
- Up button → Up key
- Right Button → Right key
- Down Button → Down key
- Left Button → Left key
- OK Button → Enter key
- Back button → Backspace key
- Volume Up → Page Up
- Volume Down → Page Down
- Mouse Toggle → ???????

I also have a custom keymap that makes the “C key” show “Codec info” when in Fullscreen Video (long press shows “Codec info 2”). I’ve also modified the “Backspace Key” to Stop video when in Fullscreen Video.

I’m trying to determine the best use for my “Mouse Toggle” button. I have no use for an actual mouse toggle. Originally I had it set to Enable/Disable subtitles, but I have since found out that long press on the Down Button performs the same function. Therefore it’s redundant to have it perform that function.

What do you guys set this button(Mouse Toggle) to in your configs? I do have an IPTV setup, so I was thinking maybe TV Guide or Channels or something. Just looking for suggestions.