Move from internal to USB stick

Hi. I’m currently using the dual boot support on my G12 device. I used the ceemmc tool to move my CE installation from a microSD card onto the internal storage. I would like to move my CE installation off the internal storage and onto a USB stick.

Would ceemmc be able to move the CE installation onto a USB stick or does it have to be microSD like it was originally? I read the ceemmc instructions a few times, but it’s a little confusing on how to “undo” the moving of CE onto the internal storage. Could someone tell me which command to use to move my CE installation from internal to a USB stick?

I want to upgrade my device’s firmware without losing my CE installation. And I want to run CE off a fast USB stick, because it was actually booting slower from the internal storage compared to my old microSD card. Any help would be appreciated.

That’s what “create system and kodi backup” is used for.
Open CoreELEC configuration addon.

The bootloader do have a 5 second waiting time to evaluate the connected USB devices. If 5s are too long you have to go back to SD or USB medium as the bootloader follow the boot priority for safety. Or you just use suspend and not power off the device.
It take’s ~2 seconds to resume from suspend - if this is fast enough for you…

Thanks, but “create system and kodi backup” doesn’t really help me. I’m not trying to create a backup. I’m trying to move my CE installation from internal to external media, something ceemmc claims to be able to do. It also clearly states in the ceemmc info posted that CE must be removed from dual boot internal installation or the firmware upgrade will fail.

Ok, there’s no need for the subtle passive-aggressiveness. I want to move from internal to external media, period. It doesn’t matter how long the bootloader takes to evaluate devices or how long it takes for the device to wake up from suspend state. Overall the internal storage feels slow and not just during boot up. Alos, I cannot upgrade my device’s firmware without first removing CE from the internal storage.

You can boot with your new media, than run the ceemmc tool and make a backup of internal install (storage) only.
Then you can manually copy the data from the backup (the tool tells you the location) to the root of the storage partition on a PC.

Or you create a backup like kostaman is talking and just remove the internal install with ceemmc.

The steps for a firmware upgrade are described in the how to. And it’s without loss of any data.

I am currently testing a new option for the tool ceemmc to copy the current used CE installation on eMMC to the current used SD/USB boot media. Not like the backup option, the current CE system on the SD/USB boot media will be replaced by the data from eMMC. Maybe this will solve this issue/request.


The ceemmc tool will be updated tomorrow with next nightly. Now it’s possible to make a copy from data on eMMC to a SD card/USB flash drive. This copy is then bootable and can be used as normal CoreELEC boot media.


Thank you for everything.