Movies in different folders on menu items?

Sorry posted this a couple of days back on an old legacy build and borked it, and also lost backup so ended up updating to latest CE version.

I have my movies in 3 folders. External drive

1 - My Movies
2 - Kids
3 - Tv Shows

What i am trying to do is create a menu item for each folder and have it display the library information and pics.

My onscreen menu is as follows

All Movies
My Movies
Tv Shows

I created a link in the library for each folder then set what data it contained. Linking to this will show the movies but no info or pics.

So i then added a favourite of each folder, then pointed the menu items to the favourite links.
This appears to work, only my All movies menu item now contains a double copy of every movie.
and my widgets are also showing 2 copies of every movie.

However the links are working fine and showing only the movies i want and library info.

Have i done it wrong?

Ok ignore i managed to do it, seems i created multiple instances in the library hence the doubled up lists.
Just created a shortcut to the folders and linked now everything is fine.

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