Multi Weather addon not working

N2, CE.20.1, Multi Weather (ronie-0.0.17) addon is not working; not showing any weather info.

Debug log:

Which "Component-specifig logging should I enable to get more insight into the problem?

(Btw, same addon works perfectly on Android Kodi 21 alpha)

Edit: Tried with a fresh installation with only Multi Weather installed, and it also does not work. New debug log:

(Btw, same addon works perfectly on Android Kodi 20.1, same version as in CE20.1)

Same on Beelink GT king 2 ,20.1 fresh instal ,multi weather Addon not work …

Try on Windows.

It works everywhere perfect, including Windows 10, except on CE 20.1

Can you show how it looks when not working? So I can easily replicate.
And do I need some special setup of the addon or just install?

Yes I can, when get hold of TV where it is connected; I can make screenshots.
But before that I can tell you that I have enabled the option to show weather info in top right corner in Estuary skin, but nothing shows there.
When i go to Weather on Home screen, it should open top bar with my location info and under it two rows of icons; first row with dates, and second row with hours.
But instead of that it shows only empty top bar, an NO icons/images beneath it…

Box connected rj45 ,skin Aeon nox Silvo, frech install Yesterday, internet/ download…work, multi weather not work

Just install it; it installs all necessary dependencies. I think that “Python image library” is the culprit

I just install gismeteo for test / not work :thinking:,i also test with wifi (put ethernet off) -not work

Tried the same on LibreELEC and also not working there. Will look into in in next few days.

It also doesn’t work on Windows.

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I think addon is broken because of yahoo

2023-03-26 03:23:38.417 T:3808    debug <general>: weather.multi: exception while getting cookie

and it doesn’t get any data.

I just install ne 21 ,same -weather not work


Is working on Tanix S905X3
Latest nightly. ng 2023 03 17
Estuary Skin

Also working on HK1X4 Box
Latest nightly. ne.

Maybe it is some geoblocked thing?

It’s the same geo location for all my 4 Kodi installations; on 3 it works, on one it doesn’t…

@ronie, Multi Weather maintainer, just sent a new test version:

which works again on CoreElec; so it’s not due to CoreElec :+1:


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