Multiboot on ODROID-C2


Did anyone was able to make CoreELEC work with this multiboot system?:

A quick check, that multiloader will only work with splitted kernel and initramfs images, while CoreELEC’s kernel image is an combined abootimg (kernel + initramfs), so it won’t work without any tweaks.

I have it working with LibreELEC without any tweaks.
But CoreELEC just doesn’t boot with it.

CE has very different bootup machanism from LE and pretty much every other Linux distros on Amlogic platforms, in which CE uses a very similar way to Android and LE uses a more generic way.

The kernel image is the most significant difference. LE uses a raw uImage while CE uses abootimg v0, which combines a uImage and initramfs into one single file. The format is mainly used by Android (hence, Android BOOT IMaGe) so kernel and initramfs can be stored in one partition without file system, but not by other Linux distros you can boot with this multibooter: it only accepts uImage

They also use different aml_autoscript to setup their basic bootup envs which is incompatible from each other. You can read some posts on Armbian and LibreELEC forums that complaints they can’t boot Armbian/LibreELEC anymore after booting CoreELEC/EmuELEC which is a result of this.

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