Multiple Episodes

Hi all,

CE 9.0.3 on Odroid N2 with TvH Sever and Client.

I have a TV Shows Folder (the source) containing a folder for each TV Series. The Series are named like S0nE0n. eg: S03E02.mkv.

Each episode is appearing several times in Kodi. See below:

Have tried a database update and clean and it did not help. Also deleted the MyVideos116.db and the problem still exists.

Any ideas appreciated.



I have that same show on 9.0.3 and it scans fine.
I do have the year in the folder “When They See Us (2019)” but doesn’t explain why you have multiple instances.
It’s nearly always something screwy with the files so check in /settings/media/library/videos/tv/showname/ then do information on an episode, then move cursor over “refresh” on the bottom navigation, and it will show at the bottom of the screen which file it is referring to.
(you could also get to “refresh” the short way through normal navigation under tv shows)

Look at video file naming convention i.e. best practice to include in each file the series title

If you need to rename a whole bunch of files, I can recommend this for making the process as painless as possible.

It has helped me out a few times:-

The rename utility that I use, which has a wide range of features is Bulk Rename Utility

Naming is not an issue here because it finds the episodes.
Multiple appearing happened for me when I read it multiple times.

Another way to find out what it is, is remove (move) just that show from your scanned library, do a clean and see what’s left.
If there are still shows showing up, you know it’s from another folder being picked up as that show.
Then just follow what file(s) the culprits are via the method I mention above.

This found the source of the problem. Apparently my NAS was making a .@_thumb folder that was giving me all the multiple episodes.

Many thanks.