Music Party mode crash 8.90.3

Is anyone experimenting some problem using music party mode in 8.90.3? In my case kodi gets stuck when i use this future while this didn’t happen with 8.90.2. If necessary i’ll provide some log if i manage to.

Yep happening on mine. Maybe a problem with addon migration which didn’t seem to complete fully.


I don’t think this problem has something to do with addon migration because party mode isn’t an addon. But if only two of us has this problem that means that it’s in some case our fault and not CoreElec 80.90.3.

I have about 600 mp3s in a folder all tagged with the album ‘Various Singles & Tracks’. I have a party mode playlist created through the front end which has resulted in the following smart playlist PartyMode.xsp:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
 <smartplaylist type="songs">
     <rule field="album" operator="contains">
         <value>Various Singles &amp; Tracks</value>

I use the Black Glass Nova skin, and I have created an option in my main menu called ‘Party Mode’ which invokes the action PlayerControl(PartyMode).

When I select this option I think I momentarily see the ‘Filling Glasses’ message and then see the Playlist box with constantly changing songs, as if the loading of the playlist in random order is never stopping. The music never starts. The playlist works in 8.90.2 but fails in 8.95.0. Could be a Kodi fault, but I thought I’d better post it here in case it’s something to do with CoreElec.

And as if by magic I cleaned the music library, rescanned my sources, and it seems to be working now.

Good skills! :rofl: