MX3 Air Mouse back button not working

Hi all,

I have an MX3 Air Mouse for my N2 thats running CE 9.2.3 and the back button does not work.

A search of the forum finds others with the same issue but I have been unable to find a solution. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



I had heard that 2.4ghz wifi can affect it. Obviously you have tried new batteries.

Yes, new batteries. As mentioned it seems to be a known problem but I’ve not been able to find a fix.

Do you use wifi? If so try using 5Ghz or temporarily try disabling it.

Incidentally, I have the same remote.

Out of interest, does the remote work on a pc? I’m pretty sure mine does

I don’t use wifi.

Have not tried on a pc. Have noticed the delete key and the esc on the back will execute a back But the back key does nothing.

Your problem is very common and the solution to your problem is very simple. Install the Keymap Editor add-on and reprogram the Home key as Back Button.

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I will do as you suggested, and thanks. However I have to ask the noob question, why reprogram the Home key and not the Back Button as the Back Button? As clearly the Back Button is presently not doing the back function.

Try what you want, I just said my settings,my Back Button cancels key reprogramming :sunglasses:

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Could not reprogram the back button, just like you. However Home Button worked like a dream. Thank you.

Have a read of the below post as it may or may not be your issue