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I have to change the keypress delay on my MX3 airmouse and while I was going to do it I thought I would fully install my remote as I never bothered doing it on my N2+ as it literally worked from the get go.

Now either I have had an epic senior moment this morning or its just not in the Repository so can someone either point me at the config files for the venerable MX3 Air mouse or let me know which one works from the repo.

I don’t think it would be there, it’s not needed. It will work out of the box.

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Thanks @bubblegum57 you are the remote meister from the posts I have read on here and LibreElec.

I’m trying initially ir-keytable -D 375 -P 100 but if you can suggest a good value for -D it would help.

I am just a person who started putting the remote files in one place. Due to my illness I have passed it over to Betatester, who has made a good job of collating them.

I don’t know where you would adjust this value? Does the MX3 have a conf file? The MX3 uses a 2.4Hz receiver, & doesn’t need adjusting?
Are you sure the conf file is not for the original remote?
Does adjusting this conf, actually do anything.

MX3 Air mouse should work OoTB. If not, check if the USB port the adapter is plugged into has power.

There is a tutorial in the library section of the repository on how to program the MX3 power button. For all other adjustments please use the Kodi Keymap Editor

@bubblegum57 Sorry to hear about your illness, I had no idea you had passed the torch to @Betatester The MX3 doesn’t have conf file, the ir-keytable is for manipulating various settings and its a command prompt setting rather than a value you change in the conf file.
In my case I was trying to adjust the -D (delay) value to stop repeated keystrokes as out of the box the MX3 defaults to a delay of 500ms with no -P (period) value.
After doing some experimentation yesterday the -P value seems to be the critical one to stop this happening ir-keytable -D 500 -P 125

@Betatester I wish the Keymap Editor had this functionality would make life easier.

Has the multiple keystroke issue just started? Not to over simplify but I’ve found with the ones I have, it might be that the batteries are getting low. Is the LED on the top of the remote doing its little seizure-inducing display long after you’ve pressed a button?

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@stuart264 I was going to suggest to set the Period to 1/4 of the Delay but you already figured it out. Good show.

@kshi No the multiple keystroke issue hasn’t just started it started when I switched versions to the Matrix Nightly build. As the MX3 works out of the box I did nothing with it until the repeats got annoying.

First time I ran ir-keytable on the device I did notice that the -P parameter was missing though once I ran the ir-keytable -D 500 -P 125 command it seems to be persistent on reboot and working fine, so I am leaning towards either a config file that got borked on a nightly upgrade or I will just never know.

Very aware of the MX3’s propensity to “eat” batteries, its part of the reasoning I decided to invest in a decent Youshiko battery charger and start the move towards switching to all rechargeable batteries to be more environmentally friendly. :leafy_green:

@Betatester Not that smart, I just guessed a starting point that worked.

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I’m glad to hear you’ve found a solution. I’ve got a set of 8 rechargeable batteries that I swap between my 3 MX3 remotes. Interestingly, none of mine have exhibited that behaviour with CE19. But I’ve seen the default behaviour vary tremendously between versions of these remotes over the years. One would default to having the mouse pointer turn on after 30 seconds of inactivity, etc.

Anyway, glad you got it sorted.

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@kshi I know of at least 3 different generations of identical looking MX3 Air Mouse. Each generation using a slightly different chipset, causing them to behave differently. The MX3 Air Mouse I use for testing is 1st generation and works as intended under CE Matrix.

@stuart264 Since you appear to have environmental awareness, If you happen to use multiple controllers, I’d like to suggest looking into a multifunction remote such as for example the Harmony 665, which allows for merging up to 10 remotes into 1.

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Fairly sure the one I have is a 3rd generation MX3 as its about 9 months old as I bought it as stopgap when I had ordered a H1, then the pandemic started and they became unavailable. Though they are a really cheap device so its no surprise the chipsets and components vary, I just looked at the HK distributors website and they are quoting between USD $2.98 - $1.98 depending on volume.

@Betatester Looked at those on and off over the years in varying makes, expensive for what they are and given that there are loads of free and cheap “Universal Remote” apps on the Google Play Store and I usually have my mobile within arms reach of me that’s the lower cost and more “green” option in my book, and they have the added benefit of for a hypothetical example being able to switch channels on TV’s in waiting rooms when Bargain Hunt comes on. :innocent:

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