MxQ Pro HEVC/4k support

Media info:

It’s playable on PC, not playable with latest CoreElec. Any chance to add hevc/4k support?

HEVC/4K support is available in CoreELEC and should be working flawless.
Without any debug log nobody will be able to help you.

You are right, I will capture debug log and will paste it here


When opened from tvheadend server with vlc, it plays without any problems. What’s wrong? I am getting no sound and black screen

This is only a small part of the debug log. Please post the full file.

There’s nothing more, only flooded with latest few lines, so I have ommited them. Log started when playback started

This line:
Repeats until I press stop playback

This is strange, because the kodi.log should contain all information since booting the device. Having this information is absolutely necessary to see more hints to your problem and your whole environment.

Maybe some pvr issue, I will try to sideload m3u to device and play stream directly. Hts or simple iptv addon both gives the same result

Log contains information since booting the device, but I assumed nothing specjal is there, so I included only log between start and stop playback. I can post full log if it helps

Yes, please post your full debug log.
Hts should work just fine btw.

As I suggested in the other thread, please try a fresh and vanilla installation on a spare sd card.