My philips TV remote DOWN key turn standby mode

I bought Philips TV and find out that key_down button on my TV remote make turn my device to standby, red light (mecool). But dont turn it on again, only power buton of my mecool remote start it again. I used my own remote configured as MCE.

How i can disable specific button to make that action?

Hey Skupi,

search for Remote Control. You must change the Settings or use only CEC. I past, i hava had the same problem with Odroid C2.
The TVButton Down ist he same, like PowerOff at the Player Device.

How change built-in settings of remote :slight_smile: I prefer my remote, O4A Simple 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

As i said i dont use original mecool remote, only my own with MCE settings.



Add to remote.xml


And it helps