mySQL DB isn't working anymore

… between Android/Windows/CoreELEC since I updated Windows/Android to the most recent Beta releases (I think 26th August).
I would very much appreciate when CoreELEC could use the same DB version so that I don’t have to update everythink manual in CoreELEC.

However - if you don’t have time left - I can live with this for the time being and would like to take the opportunity to say “thank you” very much for all your efforts

During the alpha/beta release cycle the DB version is changing on a regular basis, because new features are being added.
It is nearly impossible to have the same DB as the current Windows/Android releases, because they most probably use different commits of Kodi.

If this is really important for you, you should consider staying on stable releases, where the DB version is consistent across all plattforms.

that’s why I used Alpha 1 and Alpha2 only (not nightlies). I expected that especially the Beta 1 should also have the same DB version because of the freeze of new features.

Alpha is still unstable and you can’t say for sure, which exact commit of e.g. Alpha 1 is being used accross all plattforms.
Betas shouldn’t change the DB version…theoretically. :wink:
But the first Beta 1 version had a problem, why Beta 1 v2 was released two days ago (officially called Beta 1).
You could try the nightly build from last night, because Beta 1 v2 is included here. Or you could wait for the next stable release of CE, which will contain the “final” Beta 1, too.

ah - cool - thanks. I wasn’t aware that there are CoreELEC nightlies available. Would you mind to give me the download link ? I didn’t find them on GitHub

Take a look at this thread:

Thanks again :grinning: working like a charm again :+1: