MythTV Problems with 19.0.7 version of Plugin?

Hey everyone.

Is anyone else having playback issues with the 19.0.7 version of the plugin?

I have three Odroid N2+ systems. Two of them have all auto-updates disabled, but on one I forgot to do that. The two without auto-update are still on CoreElec 19.3 with the 19.0.4 version of the MythTV plugin, and are running fine but the one with auto-update ran into issues.

We are talking, constant buffering, stuttering playback eventually leading to playback stopping.

At first I thought it was CoreElec 19.4 that caused the issue, so I rolled back to 19.3, but this did not fix it. Then I looked into the plugin, and found that it was at a different version than on the other two boxes. (19.0.7 vs. 19.0.4). Once I rolled back to 19.0.4 everything was working normally again.

I first posted about this here on the Kodi forums here, but I got no traction at all, so I am guessing maybe this issue is CoreElec specific, or maybe related to the ARM architecture?

Is anyone else having this issue?