N2 and Harmony Hub?

I saw a Harmony thread but it looked to be for the IR version. I have a harmony hub and want to get it working with the N2, anyone doing it? If so how did you get it setup. I did it a while ago with a bluetooth dongle but I think it was a bit unreliable at the time.

I have an N2 with a Harmony Hub and it works great. Using it with a Flirc. Being RF and not IR is so much easier. Just add your devices like you normally would with any Harmony Remote and you will never look back.

So the flirc is plugged into the N2, and it communicates with the hub over IR? I was hoping to not spend any money in the process, would like to do it with bluetooth if possible.

What device name did yo use?

Yes, correct. For devices I just used Flirc with Kodi as the model, plus TV, BR, Soundbar.

Just checked and the N2 is in the Harmony Database so you could just add Odroid as the Manufacturer and N2 as the model if you wanted.

The only reason I went with the Flirc is I was originally using a Harmony 600 and the IR was so crappy on the Media Player, and most of them these days, that I was using then I just transferred it to the N2 when I upgraded.

The Harmony Elite has several external IR Blasters you can place right next to a Media Player if you want so probably not an issue for you.

Thanks, I have the companion I think it’s called. I will dig up my bluetooth dongle and see if I can’t get it paired.

How is the delay with the Flirc, is it laggy or pretty snappy?

It is very snappy, you will be happy with one and they are only cheap too.


I realize this is a big necro-bump, but I’m planning on getting a refub harmony for my N2 (since I want to use the harmony to also control a shield on the same TV) and came across this thread. Is there a reason you are using a flirc with the N2, rather than the built in IR?

In general built in IR’s are poor in response and do not operate unless you are on top of them and straight in front of them. Also the Flirc is much more flexible as you can program it. The Flirc is also very inexpensive and well worth it, IMHO.

I couldn’t really get mines working right,it would lag at times,ended up jst buying the minix remote which works better

Thanks, I’ve been using the built in IR without much issue, so just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t and sort of compatibility issue from the harmony hub and the built in IR, which it seems like there isn’t.

If I have any issues, I’ll buy the flirc.

Are you able to power on and off the N2 with your flirc?

You should be able to do that, but I leave mine on 24/7 as it’s also a TvH Server.

Thanks so much!

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