N2+ and MINIX NEO A3 remote

I’m running coreelec on my N2+. I use the Minix A3 airmouse. Some buttons are not working.
echo “meson-ir * minix_neo” > /storage/.config/rc_maps.cfg
results in no change.
What can I do?

Let’s start with excluding if it is a hardware issue. Are you able to try the remote with a different device, ex: a TV?

The ir config will only have effect on the one ir button (power).
What buttons are not working?
The button third from bottom/right is for (de)activating mouse functions thus will in turn change the behaviour of the button next to it.
If you intend to use mouse functions be sure to activate mouse support in kodi.

Thanks, “mouse function” is working; “on” with ir button, too.
The problem are some other buttons, please look at the picture.

Upper right should be ‘mute’ by default.
I have a couple of these and the button left under the 'wheel/‘mute’ seems to be linked to the ‘wheel’ button on all of them, meaning it will send the same code. The other buttons i believe are sending a code that is not assigned to a kodi usable function by default.
Try and assign those using the Keymap Editor addon. It’s a program addon in the Kodi repo.
I assigned ‘stop’ to the one at the middle/ bottom for example.

Ps: The Power button ‘off’ config is for turning the device off when running. Turning it on with the Minix remote is set in the CE config under hardware

Ok, thanks,
I’ll try it.

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