N2 and spotify addon

I added the repository.marcelveldt-1.0.1 add-on and tried to install Spotify on my N2, getting an install error.
Anyone managed to get Spotify installed on N2?

Working here.

I have the very same error.
I tried to install the requirements, but it stops already on cherrypy.

Any idea why the error on the installation, or at least some insight on how to troubleshoot it?

FYI: it seems I had some other issue, network-related.
Once I restarted the box, the installation completed successfully.

Maybe this could be the problem also for @NisseMan?

I know that this might sound trite but… have you tried to turn off and on again? :slight_smile:

I’ve tried to get this working as well on my N2 and having no luck, always tells me I need to open the app to allow it or something.

Works fine on kodi on my windows box so not sure what’s missing for it to work successfully.