N2 cannot handle TV Shows library

Dear Members,
I recently bought an N2 CoreElec edition. I have an Asustor NAS.

  • I try to add TV Shows folder to my library, N2 is unable to find any SMB shares. If I input manually “smb://192…/Video/TV Shows” then it does see the folder.
  • I add TheTVDB scraper to Kodi
  • I add TV Shows, set TheTVDB scraper, setting primary language HU, fallback EN, folder does NOT contain a single TV show
  • CoreElec adds a single TV show called Aqua Teen Hunger Force (which I do not have or know whatsoever) and adds all the episodes from the NAS under this show. So there are 87 times season 1 episode 1, 87 times s1 e2 under Aqua Teen Hunger Force series ad so on.

My library is set up with the exact TV show names from TheTVDB (using auto scraper and renamer tool) and my other two Kodis (htpc and laptop) scrape my library flawlessly.
I would appreciate any help.

I can’t answer your question directly, unfortunately, yet there are great tutorials and guides which you should follow. Start with Kodi Wiki - Video library :+1:

Further, I recommend you to lookup Plex if you want to use your media library on your NAS on other devices as well. Simply set up Plex Media Server on your NAS and let Plex handle the library. Then, use PlexKodiConnect if you want to setup Kodi with the Plex library or Plex-Kodi-addon :slight_smile: Emby is another awesome option!

Thank you.
I think my library is set up correctly, I have been using it for years on other platforms. I just bought the odroid n2, and it does not work. It still works perfectly from the same nas folders on windows based Kodi.
I use emby on my nas to transfer to my phone, but when I want to watch on the big screen, I use Kodi, that is whí I bought odroid. Can Kodi use the emby library?

Yeah, Kodi can use your Emby library simply by setup Emby for Kodi to play files on your N2 :slight_smile:

That usually happens if you point the base folder one level too low. For example if you have a structure of say
\mynas\Videos\Series\Mini-Series\American Horror Story
\mynas\Videos\Series\Mini-Series\Game of Thrones
Browse to Mini-Series not Series. The Scraper will take each sub-directory as the name of the show.

Thanks. It is pointed to /video/TV Shows. it is set up like:
/video/TV Shows/American Horror Story
/video/TV Shows/Game of Thrones
so I believe it is correct.

TheTVDB is / was undergoing a site / api upgrade and the Kodi scraper has been hit and miss for a while. Make sure your scraper is upgraded to the latest version, failing that try a different scraper I prefer theMovieDB TV Show scraper.

Thank you, I will try.