N2+ CoreElec edition 2Gb - but no download?

Hi there,

After happily using an Odroid C2 for a couple of years, I’ve just updated to a new N2+. I bought the CoreElec bundle containing the 2Gb version, a pre-installed SD card, the case and power supply.

I ultimately want to run CoreElec off an emmc card, though, so I’ve just been to the downloads page to get the right disk image. However, there’s no option with the current release to select the 2Gb N2+ - only the 4Gb version.

Is this really the case? If so, I’ll be a bit miffed at having bought a CoreElec bundle containing an SBC that isn’t supported by the current version.

Hope someone can help to clarify.

Kind regards to all,


Select the N2 Version

Don´t talk about missing support, some other users read this and may be confused.

Thanks Tim. Appreciate the clarification and assistance.

Perhaps the downloads page needs a minor tweak to reflect the fact that this version also works on 2Gb machines. A further risk of confusion to 2Gb users otherwise, since they’re unable to select their machine.



The N2 is fully supported and there is no dtb bingo required. It just works out of the box for N2 and N2+ whatever RAM they have. In fact the Odroids are our premium support devices which have the most testing and the best out of the box experience. This is because most developers use an N2(+).

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