N2 CoreELEC smb nas password problem

Hi guys, I just got my N2 yesterday and was having the craziest problem. I use my router as a nas (T-mobile version of asus tm-ac1900) and have always connected using smb. Trying to load the shares thru Kodi settings it would not take the username/password at all. Funny thing is it saved the username/password in Kodi userdata folder everytime but it still refused to take. No notifications of any kind. I finally was able to set it up by enabling ‘guest mode’ in the router BUT now it still bounces the username/password but it let’s me see the shares. I’m a first time CoreELEC user so not sure if I’m supposed to do something beforehand. Appreciate any help setting it up the right way cause the ‘guest mode’ access seems a little quirky, thanks.

Use file manager and add new source.
Use Path IP to your router.
Fill in Username / Password
Se if that works.
If that works then add library to that source.
Make sure you know what minimum SMB Protocol your router uses.
If it’s SMB1 you have to change that in CE Settings.

@kostaman thx for replying. I tried that a few days ago and no love, it still refuses the username/password. Tried changing to smb1, tried file manager, tried adding a network location, copied my settings from a working system to the N2 and nothing works.