N2+ crashing

Hi Folks,

i have 3 x N2+ boxes, all run latest stable CE off SD. All have emmc also but i don’t use that. I am facing issue with one of them crashing, the screen just freezes and i cant ssh in or access via SMB. it happens quite often and is seemingly random. there is nothing untoward in the logs, they just stop writing at the time of the crash, as though the power was pulled. i need to power cycle to recover.

i don’t think it is the CE install, as i can put the same SD in my other two N2+ boxes and they don’t have any issue.

i suspect a HW issue, is there any tool/utility i can run on the box that may help identify what the issue is, CPU / Ram / emmc etc?


Is there a kodi_crash.log or just a standard kodi.log?

Do you have an UART adapter? If so you can connect it to the board and capture the kernel log through UART (with PuTTY/KiTTY on Windows, or GNU/screen on Linux, etc) even the system is broken to the stage where no I/O could make it to the underlying drives.

Edit the file config.ini in the first partiton (COREELEC) on your CE boot drive, change the line

# coreelec='quiet'


coreelec='debugging ignore_loglevel'

The debugging here enables CE’s debugging and ignore_loglevel makes kernel print everything to the console (when usually the kernel will not print to the console anymore after tty target is started). debugging can be omitted if you believe this is a hardware issue and only kernel log is neccessary

just standard log, no crash log. the standard log just stops writing with no error, and at different times so the last messages / actions Kodi was completing at the time of the crash are always different, with no pattern i can see. sometimes it runs ok for over 24 hrs, sometime it will freeze few times a day. happens in different scenarios i.e. sometimes when idle, sometimes in playback sometimes in library or epg update etc

thanks 7Ji

i don’t have a UART adapter. i just googled and got lots of results, is there a specific one you would recommend, or can i just grab a cheap one?

Any model should work, I mainly use CH340G (without brand) since it’s very cheap

Thanks! i will get one and see what i can find :grinning:

I experience random freezes on the N2+ as well. Tried all kinds of settings in CE, even underclocking, nothing helps. Might be something similiar to this

My box idles at 667 MHz (ondemand). Maybe the devs could up to idle frequency to 1 Ghz in a nightly and see how it goes?


I updated the firmware (spiboot) and that did what I wanted before, setting min frequency to 1 GHz. Unfortunately, I still experience freezes after that.

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