N2 doesn't switch to 720p

I’m using the latest coreelec 9.2.2 and have set up the Kodi display settings according to recommended Kodi settings in this forum.

When I play a 720p 60fps file, the resolution doesn’t switch to 720p but stays at 1080p. Switching occurs when playing 1080p and 2160p files, but not 720p. Any ideas why? Thank you in advance and any help is appreciated.

If you want to playback 720p60 at the native refresh rate and resolution, you have to whitelist the corresponding item in settings.


Okay thanks mate. So it’s expected behaviour that anything less than 1080p will be displayed at 1080p with the default settings. Does this mean that the N2 is doing the upscaling in this situation?

Yes. By default, Kodi will only switch to a higher resolution than the GUI resolution.
If you want it to also switch to lower resolutions, you need to enable the list of resolution/refresh rates that you want it to use.

As to your question re upscaling, yes, the N2 will upscale to 1080P and the TV will upscale to its native resolution.

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Concerning “White List” on N2, if I disable all resolution below 1080 and don’t select all 1080 and above resolutions, then N2 outputs 1080i/25Hz video as 1080p/60Hz instead of 1080i/50Hz.
If I don’t select any resolution in “White List” then N2 outputs correct 1080i/50Hz all native videos with frame rate 1080i/25Hz. Can you explain why such behavior ?

This sounds like a Kodi issue, as the whitelist is a Kodi feature, it’s not unique to CE. Try this on PC/Android, if it still reproduces, report a bug (or check if there’s an issue open for it already)

Don’t have Kodi on PC/Android and am to lazy for bug reporting, and I guess that Kodi 18.x is not promptly maintained any more…
The reason I white listed all resolutions below 1080 was to let my TV do that work. Will try to white list all resolutions except 1080/60 and see how that works.

I find this a very informative thread, particularly question 10 is something that should be read. At least I did notice the difference on my Sony after getting those two items off the whitelist.

By the way, do you have issues with 4:3 DVD sources and SD resolutions if they are whitelisted? I cannot get the aspect ratio right, and I’m not sure if it’s my TV or the player which is not sending the correct info.

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I read that article also and followed it’s recommendations, similar to my thinking about above mentioned problem.
I don’t have any 4:3 DVD sources, but have no problems with various 4:3 material; I use “Normal” settings for all 4:3 material and get proper aspect ratio.

I think that the problem with 4:3 DVD can lay in use of “Anamorphic Widescreen” (see DVD Video section) to get 16:9 in 4:3. It’s done using wider pixels, and in Kodi you have the option to set different pixel size. To get proper 16:9 format out of an 4:3, while playing such a video, you have to go to Setting -> Video Settings and set Pixel ratio to 1.4.