N2 HDMI audio dropouts

I posted a question on this topic in the Whirlpool Forum here in Australia and was advised to try again here on CoreELEC discourse.

In summary, I am getting occasional audio dropouts when playing music using the PartyMode Autostart addon. I have the N2 running latest release CoreElec connected to an Onkyo AV receiver with HDMI. When I’m listening to music with this config, I have the TV off (well, standby actually). Note that a HDMI lead from the AVR to the TV is still connected, but the TV is off. I do not get any audio dropouts if I have the TV on, either when playing just music or video (streamed or stored on NAS).

I have tried many different audio and video settings in CoreElec, different HDMI cables and different ports on the AVR.

I suspect an HDMI handshaking problem, since the signal indicator display on my AVR goes blank when a dropout occurs.

Here is a link to my original query on Whirlpool which contains a more detailed description https://whrl.pl/RgaJrM . I would be extremely grateful for any help in solving this problem.

No response so far, so maybe I should re-phrase my post.

Is it possible to disable the periodic HDMI handshake and/or over-ride EDID detection on the N2 running CoreElec?

After seeing this thread Audio stutter with 24-bit 192kHz stereo FLAC and getting some really helpful ideas, I am happy to close this topic. No, I haven’t solved the problem yet, but have determined the root cause is neither CoreElec or the Odroid N2.

I’m off to find an Onkyo support forum. Thanks for reading.

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