N2+ Kodi Settings Question

I am hooking this up to my Denon 4700h and LG 65 CXP OLED TV.

I got Kodi running but had some question about the CoreElec settings menu .

Stock settings are

Disable noise reduction - Off
Tone Map SDR to hDR - Off
Tone Map HDR to SDR - off
Use 4:2:2 color subsampling - Off
Disable GUI Sampling - Off
Enable HEVC Seek workaround - Off

Do I need to enable any of these settings?

Also, I didnt touch any of the video settings in system / Display / General. I left the screen resolution @ 1080p in accordance with the Kodi settings thread but the screen size needs to be calibrated as the right side is getting cut off ever so slightly.

Is this normal? Before I calibrate the display is there something else I need to do? My nvidia shield running Kodi didnt have this issue as the Kodi GUI @ 1080p fit perfectly.

Ah I found the solution for the overscan. Just need to set TV to Just Scan aspect ratio.

Can anyone comment on the other settings?

The other Options are best to be at their defaults. Since most of them are just fixes for potential problems with some displays.

HDR to SDR should be at auto by default as well. If you have an HDR capable display, auto will do the right thing.

Sounds like your tv’s pixel shifting function…