N2 Power Supply

I just received my 4GB N2 from Odroid UK, with their included power supply, and I noticed that the PSU output says 1500 mA, but the short instruction manual that comes with the N2 says to use a 2A.
Am I missing something?

Can you capture the page what you read? The recommended PSU from Hardkernel is 12V/2A which is not included. If ODROID UK sold N2 with an adapter then they made their own N2 package. It would good idea if you can share the picture of the adaptor.

I bought this one here. It’s a little confusing. The page says Supplied with 12V/1.5A Power Supply with 5.5mm Jack plug, which is what I got, picture of it here, but under the specification tab, it says at the bottom 1x DC Jack 5.5mm x 2.1mm - DC 12V 2A included..

Well…that’s the package offered by ODROID UK and it seems they do not have the stock of DC12/2A so they highlight that available stock is only DC12/1.5A. DC12/2A is officially recommended specification but DC12/1.5A is also fine if you do run high power killer device.

To note, decent high current 5V power supplies like those for the RPi, Odroid C2, etc. are a pain in the butt to find.

But 12V higher-current supplies like those used for the N2 are astoundingly common. I like going with a higher current supply than what’s required as it’s likely to last longer and have less potential dropouts. I’m currently using a 12V/3.3A supply salvaged from an old LCD monitor. I also have a 12V/2A as a backup that’s from an old Firewire audio mixer. A lot of (non USB) electronics use 12V supplies with the same size barrel connector. Check any old electronics you have stored away, you might find something that more than exceeds the N2’s needs.

@tobetter Indeed. And it’s not like it wasn’t on the page, or that I didn’t get it included for free. I just thought it was a bit strange that an official reseller, goes below recommended spec for something they sell.

@zang74 It sounds like it might be easy to find a replacement then. I will start googling.