N2 SPDIF Question

Hi all,

I would like to get an optical output from my N2 for my headphones and I was wondering if I can have both the HDMI, for TV, and the SPDIF active at the same time.

Second choice, HDMI and the AV Output.

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I tested that at least HDMI and SPDIF can send audio signals at the same time. CE is a self-compiled 19.4 nightly.

Thanks for your reply, however I cannot get both the HDMI and SPDIF to output at the same time. Seems like audio is either via HDMI or SPDIF.

Tried yesterday, selecting output to SPDIF in kodi, I can hear sound with TV speaker (via HDMI) and soundbar (via SPDIF).
CE version: CoreELEC (community): 19.4-Matrix_devel_20220816091926 (Amlogic-ng.arm)
Box: X96 Max Plus 4+64
Btw I repaired my SPDIF earlier using method in this thread, no idea if it is related or not.
X96 Max fix SPDIF

There are two places to select the output device in Settings | System | Audio. One for playback of encoded formats and one for decoded formats.

As I would have both of these I would have to select the same output device on both to be able to pass all audio via either the SPDIF or HDMI to a Soundbar.

Well, that’s my understanding :slight_smile:

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