N2+ Suspend/resume issues, use autostart.sh for reboot?

Whenever I resume into Kodi on my N2+ after a while, the network doesn’t work properly, everything either hangs or it just freezes alltogether when playing something.
I was thinking to force it to reboot on resume from suspend, so it will start up fresh. I vaguely remember doing something like this on my old C2 as well, but can’t quite remember how. I think it may have been by writing something in autostart.sh but…

  1. what do I write?
  2. How do I write it to that file? I can read stuff about “nano” but have no idea how to use that. Can I do it from a Windows PC and somehow connecting to the N2?

Why you use suspend? Use power off and the device get reset on power on.

Because I use HDMI-CEC. If I power off, then I assume it won’t turn on again by itself when turning on the TV ?

Sure it does. Why nobody just try first before asking?

Christ, sorry. Would never had thought it could power up via CEC. Is it because the Odroid isn’t really completely powered off?

If You want to completely power off, You have to switch off power or pull the power cable.

Any device You can power on with any remote, or CEC or WOL couldn´t be completely powered off

Its been my experience that Linux has always been terrible at waking from sleep and this just seems to be another example of it. My X96Air always misbehaves if I let it sleep or put it into suspend. I simply leave it on all the time.
However my Dell laptop wakes from sleep flawlessly.


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