(N2) System hangs / crashes constantly - help is appreciated!

Iv been running into system hangs / crashes quite consistently (three times a day with regular use of my n2).

It occurs after / during the following (although not exactly reproducible) : - apparently at random?

  1. exiting plex addon within kodi
  2. navigating pvr categories
  3. any situation cpu is being used 200+ percent (ie navigating large library, inputing commands and canceling quickly abruptly.
  4. has happened in the middle of watching live tv / movies / tv.

How can I pinpoint what the crash is due to? It has become quite bothersome. Is there a way to view the crash log specifically? The regular kodi log does not seem to show much indication of what could be going on immediately prior to the log reset / system crash (viewed old log after system crash with log viewer)

How can I identify what causes the system to crash / skin and log restarting?

Note : when I say the system crashes, it doesnt actually restart to device the coreelec logo, but instead appears on my client side as a skin restart / log refresh, ie. My kodi home page is reloaded and brought to the forefront.

I tried a system wipe (when I moved to my emmc started fresh) in an attempt to clear the issue up, and it has persisted.

How can I see the crash log? (Log uploader will indicate no crash log is found when I attempt to view it – could this be due to the fact that debug logging must be enabled at all times ? )

Any guidance would be appreciated!

Thanks again for all the help!

System : N2 , coreelec 9.0.3

I do not know if my experience can help you. In my home router I have a firewall installed in addition to a system of protection against malware, viruses, and bidirectional intrusions. The firewall stops approximately 6000/8000 intrusion attempts daily, and the protection system stops 1 or 2 hacking attempts on a monthly basis (this makes me to ban all the domain in which the attacking IP is included).

I have also seen that the use of applications such as torrent downloaders and the access of specialized websites in multimedia, greatly increase the number of outgoing attempts to connect to malicious IP.

As regards CoreELEC, I have seen that almost all the addons that have not been downloaded from the official sources CoreELEC and Kodi cause the same result: a high increase in the number of outgoing attempts to connect to malicious IPs. The problem is that it is not enough to uninstall these addons. My additional problems with CoreELEC were with the sound every time I used the EPG guide with the remote control and crashes.

My solution was to restore CoreELEC to its initial state, I lost everything I had in ‘storage’ and I had to reinstall everything again with the help of my backups of oscam and tvheadend addons.

Now CoreELEC works very very very well again. I use CoreELEC as a multimedia and TV server, and I do not have any addon installed that does not come from CoreELEC or Kodi official repository (not even ‘indigo’ downloaded from github :laughing:). Now when I look at the open connections to the internet by CoreELEC I only see oscam and entware zerotier, that is, everything works fine.

Does the system crash with only CE and for example 1 internal media source defined?
If it crashes on a completely clean system hardware would be suspect to me.