N2+ video will crash when playing 4K ISO movie in Kodi

I have several BluRay’s backed up in ISO format, and while playing them through Kodi on Odroid N2+ the player will crash, and will loose the video signal only audio can be heard and no video. I have to reboot N2+ by pulling the power cord in order to reboot.
Anyone facing this issue? How can i fix this issue?

Its happening with all ISO files.

The file i had downloaded and installed on my N2+ is

Using Stock Kodi that came with this OS.
I would like to give you some more observations. If i am playing a regular 4k movie stored in bluray file structure such as bmdv (etc), it plays fine. But N2+ will crash if i play a 4K movie that is stored in ISO format. Same ISO file i can play fine through Kodi on Nvidia Sheild.
I can make a video to demonstrate the issue. But kindly please help me troubleshoot this. Its a large 45GB ISO, so i am not sure where to upload it to link it here.

Do u suspect i am using the wrong OS for my Odroid N2+ (I had brougt this from hardkernel directly).

So support is non existant on this product? Is there premium subscription i can pay to get someone to help me?

It is just one day passed you know? When someone will have any idea you will get an answer.

And you didn’t provide much info either: coreelec:debuglogs [CoreELEC Wiki]

Out of curiosity: how much would you paid?

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For anyone facing similar issue…
The issue has been resolved.
To fix this issue, turn off the “Adjust display refresh rate” under Settings > playback > Videos
By default its set to at Start and stop of the video. Just turn it off, and the issue gets fixed.

Well, glad it works for you, that’s not a fix, that’s a workaround. Now all your videos will play at a fixed refresh rate which will introduce other kind of problems like judder. If you followed vpeter’s link you could learn how to provide logs that could be checked. Maybe you could play with the values in Delay after change of refresh rate.

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