N2 vs N2+ performance

Does CoreELEC work noticeably better on N2+ as opposed to the original N2 (my use case is purely streaming).

I’ve got both and can’t honestly tell the difference.


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Since the N2 is much more capable than necessary for CE’s actually needs, upping the clock speed a fraction will not bring noticeable improvements. Also the N2 can be manually overclocked to match the N2+ speeds if you feel it necessary.
Running a full desktop would likely see small improvements.


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There is not much difference in performance when using CoreELEC. Possibly if you had the two devices side by side, you might notice that the N2+ might finish a given task a fraction of a second quicker. However both the N2 and N2+ are fast enough that outside of a side by side, there really isn’t any difference to notice when using CoreELEC.

Or in theory, if you had a stream that was being software decoded, and it was just the right resolution and bit rate for it to be almost there but not quite on the N2, you might notice the difference of the N2+ being faster. However most streams that need to be software decoded are well within both the N2’s and N2+'s capability to play them perfectly. So that this mostly stands as an in theory point.

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It was said that it could make a difference for the Netflix add-on, on Odroid-forum but as someone who has both, I couldn’t see a difference.
If I use OC for Ubuntu-Wayland, I am experiencing that a little bit of difference.

I’ve noticed in EmuELEC, my OC’d N2+ performs noticeably better with later generation emulators, Dreamcast, PSX and most notably the Saturn.

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