N5 max s905x2 doesn't make initial load from microsd card

I have N5 Max s905x2 with 4gb ram.

I cannot load coreelec from microsd card, I flashed the box with factory rom with amlogic burning tool and now I cannot get coreelec load. The box stay on the init logo and not advance to any system but it loads android on emmc. Where is the problem? Some trick to do on recovery mode to get succes to load systems on microsd?

My box has a particularity, it hasn’t the wifi module working, the bluetooth and wifi module are damaged.

Is it possible that if the wifi module is not detected the device tree not validate the system to load?

Have I to use a custom device tree, deleting the detection of wifi module?

Any ideas?

thanks in advance

as you plugged in the power, did you hold the reset button in?

yes, I press the reset button inside AV hole, and after plug power mantaining reset button, but It holds on init logo of the box, not as usual that in fews seconds appears coreelec loading… I dont have idea what is this, if is not the lost wifi module, it is impossible to detect, it is damaged, then, I would like to know if somebody has some idea about this fail… I use the device tree s905x2 4g 1gigabit renamed to dtb.img

Some 4Gb models of the N5 Max seems to come with 10/100 Ethernet, so worth tying the non gigabit DTB.

you don’t need wifi or lan for the initial boot. But as Compent said, it might be the dtb you used is not the right one

my ethernet is gigabit, tested on coreelec by iperf. the instalation of coreelec on my microsd is dated from july-2019. I wanted to install armbian and it was not able to run armbian, then I wanted to reload coreelec. maybe some part of the box has been damaged and it dont load anything from microsd… but it loads android rom built with card maker soft… then… I dont understand anything…

Gotcha !
Now the bootloader is changed - needs to be deleted and replaced with original bootloader

My armbian instalation failed, the bootloader was replaced and I have to put in the original bootloader? So, my android rom reload with burning tool doesnt change all? system and bootloder partitions? I think so, but if not, how to reload the bootloader on the tvbox? I dont have idea. I just thought if my factory rom is not the right one and it’s for this reason it doesnt work well… any body could guide me to a good android stock rom for N5 MAX S905X2 4/64?? I just find one 20190306 upgrade release that result on android 8.1 version, right now installed on my box and working… :frowning: I prefer coreelec…
here where I got the android rom, other websites/sources are down right now…

PD: I’ve seen the magicsee official site has the stock rom to download… :frowning: I am sad, maybe I lost the box for bad decisions, I hope I will load coreelec again… I dont want to disturb anymore… regards

flashing the factory rom directly from magicsee website with Burn Card Maker has solved the issue, coreelec is running in my N5 Max box again, it was easy at last.

official magicsee roms


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